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Your home is an investment

In addition to being a home for you and your family an apartment is also a good investment in Finland

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The market has shown that new-built apartments have a high resale value, which is further boosted by JM Suomi’s Nordic Swan Ecolabel certificate.
New-built apartments will more reliably keep their value than used apartments

Capital gain for an owner-occupied apartment is tax-free if the owner has used the apartment as his or her own private residence for at least two years consecutively. 

By comparing rents in the Helsinki metropolitan area and calculating loan expenses for a JM home, the probable conclusion is that owner-occupied housing is less costly in the long term than rented accommodation. If the value of the apartment remains unchanged, amortisation of loan capital is capital paid to yourself, whereas paying rent does not produce anything to the resident.  

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And if your life situation changes... 

Marketing disposal periods for apartments in the Helsinki metropolitan area are very reasonable. In February 2019 the average marketing disposal period for all used apartments in multi-storey buildings in Helsinki and Espoo was 53 days (KVKL price survey, 420 transactions during 1 to 28 February 2019, average floor space 69 m2, average price €4,939 per square metre). If your life situation suddenly changes, it will be easy to find new happy owners for you home! 


If you are not buying an apartment for yourself but planning a purchase as an investment, we are happy to provide guidance on how you can benefit from investing in apartments in Finland. Feel free to contact our apartment sales representatives! 

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