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Nordic Swan Ecolabel

JM Suomi was granted Nordic Swan Ecolabel basic licence in 2018 for its multi-storey residential building production. The licence granted is the first of its kind within Finnish building industry. The basic licence means the company is able to plan and implement ecolabelled housing productions. The acceptance of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel concerns the entire JM AB Group, which operates in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Swan LabelThe Nordic Swan Ecolabel concerns all projects with planning launched in 2018 or later. Our first ecolabelled project will be Asunto Oy Helsingin Höyhensaari in the new Keski-Pasila district of Helsinki.

The criteria of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are based on the life cycle approach. The label is an independent sign of environmental compatibility, quality and safety of a product or service – it guarantees that the building is environmentally a better choice. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel certificate is granted for a completed building.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is Finland’s most recognised environmental label.

What does the Nordic Swan Ecolabel mean to residents?

Very specific criteria are followed in the construction process of an ecolabelled building. Ympäristömerkintä Suomi Oy, the company that grants the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in Finland, is actively involved in inspections in the construction project, in order to verify that all requirements are met. The presence of an independent third party, together with JM Suomi’s own quality assurance process, enables high-quality construction of homes and safe housing. 

Benefits of a home with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel:

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